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Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie! – co-director

It’s been released! “Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie!” I co-directed on this picture, my first director credit! I had a ball scrapping and yelling and mixing it up with Supervising Producer Bryan Newton, co-director Jojo Ramos, and the whole crew! I found great joy in the directing process, from talking to production to figure out schedules to encouraging the artists as to relieve their anxieties and to get the best work out of them! Especially rewarding was having my thoughts and opinions carry weight when asked about Story aspects of the script. It only took 18 years for someone to ask “What do you think?”

Star Trek: Lower Decks s02

Working on Lower Decks was a dream come true. I was given all the Boimler/Borg sequences and couldn’t be happier. A lifetime of watching Star Trek came to good use! Here’s one of the scenes I boarded and the final product. All this stuff is property of CBS/Paramount/Titmouse Inc.

Rick and Morty s04-06

Tough task to stage an epic fight comedically, with little breathing room as they are talking the whole time. I was able to sneak in some fun poses and moves.

I boarded :41-1:27

I boarded up to 1:06

I was so excited to board Evil Morty escaping, but IMO they crunched it on time. Too bad

President vs Turkey President


These two scenes from Disenchantment are the only things I boarded on that show that make me laugh. The brain sliding out of Guysbert’s head and then him impaling himself was all my idea, and then the old man sliding off the roof was my addition to the scene. And thinking of Star Trek:LD, I have a scene with Boimler sliding out and falling head first through a vent. I suppose I just find things sliding off-screen funny…

Big Mouth

Among other things, I boarded all the “Jay and his pillow” scenes in season 1 of Big Mouth

Turbo: FAST unused dance

Happy Monster Band playlist

I had free rein on these Happy Monster Band interstitials. To this day they are still one of the most fun jobs I had.