Drawings & Sketches

A collection of miscellaneous drawings and art I’ve done

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Borg Babies! I just like these little babies and want to share them.

Turbo: FAST

I did these concept designs for evil versions of the FAST team for the episode “Beat-a-Fajita”… I took it too far for anything to be screen ready, but I had fun with it.

Star Trek Sketching

Superhero Sketching

Theodore Roosevelt vs The Bear

Random Sketches

Some random Disenchantment board drawings

Here is a bonus orgy scene that was cut from Disenchantment. This is a toned down version of what my first pass was, I think that first version that was ridiculous and semi-graphic, is lost to time.

I designed this character in board, they didn’t change him at all. So he’s all mine! After this, I decided to resist drawing tight characters if I didn’t have a design already.